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本教程是关于Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程,时长:1小时34分,大小:1.1 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Modo,作者:Richard Yot,共7个章节,语言:英语。

Modo是一款高级多边形细分曲面,建模、雕刻、3D绘画、动画与渲染的综合性3D软件。由Luxology, LLC设计并维护。该软件具备许多高级技术,诸如N-gons(允许存在边数为4以上的多边形),多层次的3D绘画与边权重工具,可以运行在苹果的Mac OS X与微软的Microsoft Windows操作平台。


This tutorial will give you an up to date overview of the Modo render engine and outline the most straightforward approaches for dealing with noise.
This is a completely new tutorial with brand-new content, and it builds on the previously available Modo Render Cheat Sheet video with some new techniques and strategies for dealing with noisy renders. As the Modo render engine has undergone some significant changes since the original video was created all of the content has been updated and re-recorded.
The video will explain the most common causes of noise, and show you the specific strategies for dealing with it. Additionally it will also show you some new approaches for times when you encounter difficult situations where noise can be harder to clean up, such as out-of-focus specular highlights that won’t improve with additional samples.
The pros and cons of using the bucket renderer versus Preview are discussed, and the new Nvidia Optix denoiser option in Modo 12.2 is also covered. The training has 3 complete step-by-step sections: firstly an interior lit with an HDR, then another interior lit with an area light, and finally a product shot. This should give you a comprehensive overview of the most common situations you can encounter while rendering in Modo.
The second step-by-step video also demonstrates a technique to speed up the GI calculations which can dramatically reduce render times for interior renderings, making them considerably faster, sometimes increasing render speeds by a factor of four or more.
Also the training teaches you to avoid certain combinations of settings which when used together can cause your render times to skyrocket.
The training also comes with a PDF that will help you identify and deal with the most common problems, this has been expanded since the original tutorial with additional information.

Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第1张 Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第2张 Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第3张 Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第4张 Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第5张 Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第6张 Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第7张 Modo渲染引擎全面技术训练视频教程 3D 第8张

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