Corona Renderer逼真室内外渲染技术视频教程

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Corona Renderer逼真室内外渲染技术视频教程



本教程是关于Corona Renderer逼真室内外渲染技术视频教程,时长:21小时,大小:16.4 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Corona,Corona Renderer,附源文件,作者:Cave,共73个章节,语言:英语。

Corona renderer是一款基于超写实照片效果的CPU渲染器,它可以通过插件的形式完整地集成在3dsmax中,目前已经支持C4D等其他软件。从2009年开始由Ondra Karlík 开发。它可以渲染出高质量的结果,已经有很多人开始将它使用在工作当中!Corona被广泛应用于建筑可视化行业,在CGarchitect的2018年度行业调查中,该软件仅次于V-Ray排名第二。Corona以精简的渲染工作流程,和无损图像质量而著称。

Learn lighting, creating realistic materials, setting up striking compositions in Corona Renderer and post-production!
What you’ll learn
Rendering With Corona Renderer in 3Ds Max
Creating Realistic Renders
Rendering an Interior Scene
Rendering an Exterior Scene
Creating Product Renders
Basic 3Ds Max UI and Controls
In this course, we are going to share the workflow we use to create realistic renders. You’ll learn lighting, creating realistic materials, setting up striking compositions and even post-production. We are hoping that you’ll grow to enjoy this process as much as we do!
We have used 3ds Max 2020 and Corona Renderer 5.0 through the course.
We will be sharing the 3ds Max models so that you can follow along. The oldest 3ds Max Version you can use to follow this series is 3ds Max 2017.
Throughout the course, we generally approached problems from the point of view of a 3D Artist. However in some cases we found it more practical to approach things like a photographer. This combination of approaches helps us understand and solve problems very effectively.
About the Instructor
Gökçe Gün is a rare combination of an expert 3D artist & a seasoned teacher.
As a 3D Artist, he is an expert with 10 years of experience in 3D Modeling, 3D Sculpting and 3D Rendering. He worked on creating various of graphical content including interior and exterior renders. His work was in ads for many major companies such as Ford, Algida and Coca Cola.
As a teacher, he shared his passion and experiences to teach how to use 3ds Max, V-Ray and Corona Render in universities and private institutes. His experiences in solving many type of problems with tight deadlines allows him to impart a practical understanding of his craft.
Currently he is the co-founder of Yakın Kampüs; one of the largest online learning platforms in Turkey. Also he is the 3D Supervisor of Matte-Studio.
Who this course is for:
Interior Architects
Exterior Architects
Product Designers
CG Artists
3D Artists

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