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本教程是关于酷炫Zbrush机器人3D设计制作流程视频教程,时长:2小时44分钟,大小:1.6 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Zbrush keyshot附源文件,共10个章节,语言:英语。

ZBrush 是一个数字雕刻和绘画软件,它以强大的功能和直观的工作流程彻底改变了整个三维行业。在一个简洁的界面中,ZBrush 为当代数字艺术家提供了世界上最先进的工具。以实用的思路开发出的功能组合,在激发艺术家创作力的同时,ZBrush为数字雕刻设定了行业标准。 它的强大功能可以让您在实时环境中使用可自定义的画笔来对虚拟粘土进行造型,纹理化和绘制。 使用ZBrush,就相当于你在使用与电影制片厂,游戏开发商,玩具/收藏家,珠宝设计师,汽车/航空设计师,插画家和艺术家相同的工具。 ZBrush继续沿创新性和生产力之路前进,其主要的新功能可以帮助艺术家更快地工作。

Furio Tedeschi是一位概念艺术家,目前正在派拉蒙电影公司(Paramount Pictures)自由创作一部尚未宣布的电影项目。 Tedeschi在娱乐行业拥有超过15年的专业经验。多年来,他一直在工作室工作,包括Blitz Games,Krome Studios和获奖的视觉特效公司X先生。他还为广泛的客户自由撰稿,如343 Industries,Alliance Studios,WB Games,Gameloft, Blur Studio,McFarlane Toys和Sapphire Technology。
最近,他是BioWare Montreal on Mass Effect:Andromeda的高级概念和角色艺术家,后来在派拉蒙电影公司担任最近发行的变形金刚:最后的骑士和恐怖电影A Quiet Place的概念艺术家。 Furio专注于概念艺术,艺术指导,3D雕塑和角色游戏模型。他在一系列先进的CG软件方面拥有丰富的知识和能力,包括Photoshop,Mental Ray,V-Ray和3D Studio Max。在过去的3年里,他一直是ZBrush Summit的雕塑冠军。

This course is about the cool ZBrush robot 3D design and production process video tutorial, duration: 2 hours and 44 minutes, size: 1.6 GB, MP4 HD video format, using software: ZBrush keyshot with source file, a total of 10 chapters, language: English.

ZBrush is a digital engraving and painting software. It has completely changed the whole 3D industry with its powerful functions and intuitive workflow. In a simple interface, ZBrush provides the most advanced tools in the world for contemporary digital artists. The functional combination developed with practical ideas not only stimulates artists' creativity, but also sets the industry standard for digital sculpture. Its powerful function allows you to shape, texturize and paint virtual clay with a customizable brush in real-time environment. With ZBrush, you're using the same tools as movie studios, game developers, toy / collectors, jewelry designers, car / aviation designers, illustrators and artists. ZBrush continues along the path of innovation and productivity, and its main new features can help artists work faster.

Furio Tedeschi, a concept artist, is currently working with Paramount Pictures to create a film project that has not yet been announced. Tedeschi has more than 15 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry. Over the years, he has worked in studios including BLITZ GAMES, Krome studios and the award-winning visual effects company Mr. X. He also freelances for a wide range of clients, such as 343 industries, alliance studios, WB games, Gameloft, blur studio, McFarlane Toys and sapphire technology.

More recently, he was a senior concept and role artist for BioWare Montreal on mass effect: Andromeda, and later worked for Paramount Pictures as a concept artist for the recently released Transformers: the last knight and horror movie a quiet place. Furio focuses on concept art, art direction, 3D sculpture and character game models. He has extensive knowledge and ability in a range of advanced CG software, including Photoshop, mental ray, V-Ray and 3D Studio max. For the past three years, he has been the sculpture champion of ZBrush summit.

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