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本教程是关于传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程,时长:1小时53分,大小:1.7 GB,MP4高清格式,附源文件笔刷,作者:Josiah,共14个章节,语言:英语。

This course is about the traditional art painting sketch inking color technology training video course, duration: 1 hour 53 minutes, size: 1.7 GB, MP4 HD format, with source file brush, author: Josiah, a total of 14 chapters, language: English.

Transform the way you draw with an in-depth illustration class like no other from creative mastermind and YouTube star Jazza!
With over five million followers on YouTube, Jazza has crafted a career out of helping others find the fun in illustration. Now, he shares his own creative process in never-before-seen detail, distilling his favorite tips, tricks, and techniques into a comprehensive masterclass for artists of all levels.
Working with your medium of choice, you’ll learn the basics of sketching, inking, and color, building to more adventurous techniques like texture and lighting effects. With an emphasis on practice over polish, Jazza’s step-by-step process empowers you to take risks, explore your style, and trust that you’ll improve every time you put pen to paper, brush to canvas, or stylus to screen.
Think of each hands-on lesson as a mini bootcamp for an essential skill, including:
Brainstorming original concepts even when you feel uninspired
Sketching to quickly find your favorite ideas and the best way to combine them
Inking for depth and dimension while leaving room for happy accidents
Using color to add intensity, evoke emotion, and play with lighting
Plus, see how Jazza tackles and troubleshoots two illustrations in contrasting styles, one stylized and cartoonish, the other realistic and complex.
This entertaining and thorough two-hour class is designed for absolutely everyone, whether (like Jazza) you’re a self-taught doodler who loves drawing made-up worlds, or an experienced artist looking to take your character designs from good to great. By the end, you’ll arrive at an illustration that feels intentional, imaginative, and unique to you—and you’ll have skills to get there again and again!

传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程 design others 第1张 传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程 design others 第2张 传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程 design others 第3张 传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程 design others 第4张 传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程 design others 第5张 传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程 design others 第6张 传统艺术绘画素描着墨色彩技术训练视频教程 design others 第7张

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