Revit Architecture建筑工程设计入门训练视频教程

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Revit Architecture建筑工程设计入门训练视频教程



本教程是关于Revit Architecture建筑工程设计入门训练视频教程,时长:10小时05分,大小:6.6 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Revit,附源文件,共76个章节,作者:Mudessar Afraz,语言:英语。

Revit是Autodesk公司一套系列软件的名称。Revit系列软件是专为建筑信息模型(BIM)构建的,可帮助建筑设计师设计、建造和维护质量更好、能效更高的建筑。AutodeskRevit作为一种应用程序提供,它结合了AutodeskRevit Architecture、AutodeskRevit MEP和AutodeskRevit Structure软件的功能。

Autodesk Revit Architecture建筑信息模型软件能够帮助建筑师和设计师自由地进行设计,提高信息的协调性和工作效率。基于环境的选项板卡经过改进减少了选项板卡开关的数量,并将工具放置在一致的位置。用户现在能够调整快速访问工具栏上的工具顺序。借助Revit Architecture,您可以不受软件束缚,自由设计建筑。在您想要的任何视图中工作,在各个设计阶段都可以修改设计,快速、轻松地对主要的设计元素做出变更。您甚至可以在设计的晚期做出变更,而无需担忧如何协调您的平面图、明细表和施工图纸。 Revit® Architecture软件专为建筑信息模型(BIM)而开发,可以帮助您惬意地工作,自由地设计,高效地完成作品。AutodeskRevit Architecture建筑设计软件可以按照建筑师和设计师的思考方式进行设计,因此,您可以开发更高质量、更加精确的建筑设计。专为建筑信息模型而设计的AutodeskRevit Architecture,能够帮助您捕捉和分析早期设计构思,并能够从设计、文档到施工的整个流程中更精确地保持您的设计理念。利用包括丰富信息的模型来支持可持续性设计、施工规划与构造设计,帮助您做出更加明智的决策。自动更新可以确保您的设计与文档的一致性与可靠性。

This tutorial is about the introduction of building engineering design of Revit architecture video tutorial, duration: 10 hours and 05 minutes, size: 6.6 GB, MP4 high-definition video format, using software: Revit, with source files, a total of 76 chapters, author: mudessar afraz, language: English.

Revit is the name of a suite of Autodesk software. The Revit family of software is built for building information model (BIM), which can help architects design, build and maintain buildings with better quality and energy efficiency. Autodeskrevit is provided as an application, which combines the functions of autodeskrevit architecture, autodeskrevit MEP and autodeskrevit structure software.

Autodesk Revit architecture building information model software can help architects and designers design freely and improve the coordination and efficiency of information. The environment-based palette card has been improved to reduce the number of palette switches and place tools in a consistent position. Users can now adjust the order of tools on the Quick Access Toolbar. With the help of Revit architecture, you can design buildings freely without being bound by software. Working in any view you want, you can modify the design at each design stage, making changes to major design elements quickly and easily. You can even make changes late in the design without worrying about how to coordinate your plans, schedules, and construction drawings. Designed for building information modeling (BIM), the Revit architecture software can help you work comfortably, design freely and finish your work efficiently. Autodeskrevit architecture architectural design software can be designed according to the way architects and designers think, so you can develop higher quality and more accurate architectural design. Autodeskrevit architecture, designed for building information models, helps you capture and analyze early design ideas, and maintains your design ideas more accurately from design, documentation to construction. Use information rich models to support sustainability design, construction planning and structural design to help you make more informed decisions. Automatic updates ensure consistency and reliability of your design and documentation.

Revit Architecture
Basic Knowledge Of Computer
Revit Architecture Training For Beginners
This Course Is For Beginners With No Prior Knowledge In Cad Software’s But If You Are Using Any Other Cad Software Like Auto-cad Then This Training Will More Beneficial , you will learn how to create a full architectural model using Walls, Doors, Windows, Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, etc. You will learn how to annotate, tag, detail, your model, along with creating and printing sheets. Other advanced topics will be discussed in the course Like Project Phases, Design Options, . Also, you will learn creating several types of schedules, how to import CAD files. The course will show you how to deal with Rooms, Cameras, And Different 3D Views
Now With All Of This I Have Also Included Practice Questions Videos Along With Pdf Files.You Can Download Those PDF Files With You For Practice Purpose.Now Through Those Practice Questions We Will Create A Project Like Plan Included wall windows and doors,Detailing Like Tags,Section,Elevation,And Putting All Of This On Sheet For Printing On Paper.
Who this course is for:
Civil Engineers
Architectural Draftsman’s
Civil Engineering Students
Fresh Civil Engineers
People Who Want To Start A Career As a Architect

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