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本教程是关于高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程,时长:25小时,大小:33 GB,MP4高清视频格式,使用软件:Photoshop,附源文件,作者:Aaron Nace,共19个章节,语言:英语。


This course is about high-end photography and later graphic composition and color grading technology video tutorial, duration: 25 hours, size: 33 GB, MP4 high-definition video format, using software: Photoshop, with source files, author: Aaron NACE, a total of 19 chapters, language: English.

Photoshop is one of the most famous image processing software of adobe company. It integrates image editing, advertising creativity, digital painting, image input and output in one, which is deeply loved by graphic designers and computer art lovers. Most people's understanding of Photoshop is limited to "a good image editing software", and they don't know its many material applications. In fact, the application fields of Photoshop are very extensive, involving images, graphics, text, video and publishing.

This tutorial includes 4 campaigns designed to give you the most comprehensive learning experience from pre-production to post-processing. You’re along for the entire journey to give you the feeling of being Erik’s first assistant! The guide is also is interactive and comes with composite assignments using elements and backplates from Erik’s composites. From these elements you will be tasked with assignments to go shoot your own foreground subject elements to finish the image with your style. It’s truly an immersive and challenging experience designed for photographers that want to make photography their full-time career while separating themselves from the herd.
General Overview
25+ Hours of Video Content That You Can Instantly Download
Interactive Assignments With Quarterly Winners
Chance To Become Mentored By Erik Every Quarter
50+ Videos That Cover 4 Entire Campaigns
Intro To Retouching in Photoshop Refresher Course For New Photographers
Learn The Essentials to Creating Flawless Composites
Only Entry Level Canon Cameras & Lenses Used – GEAR WE ALL USE
Color Theory & Color Toning Made SIMPLE
Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Amazing Composition
Prerequisites Included For Photoshop & Basics
Learn The Essentials Of Shooting 5500 White Balance
Explore The Why Behind Why We Make Images
Step-by-Step Process In Photoshop
Learn The Essentials Of Pre-Production
Learn How To Build Your Team
Building Composition In Your Images
Learn How To Pick Color to Convey Emotion
Learn The Power Of Using Curves In Photoshop
Learn How To Shoot Composites In Tight Indoor Spaces
Perfect Color Grading
Perfecting Tone & Color To Create A Flawless Image
2 Interviews With Erik Almas
RAW Files & Finished Backplates Included For You To Work With
You Will Never Shoot The Same Way After Watching This Tutorial

高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第1张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第2张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第3张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第4张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第5张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第6张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第7张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第8张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第9张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第10张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第11张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第12张 高端摄影与后期图形构成与色彩分级技术视频教程 PS教程 第13张

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